What we stand for

Entrepreneurial mindset.

We are raised in a start up atmosphere. We have that "go get it" mentality.

Honesty is key.

We started off in 2017, but never stopped learning. You can read us like an open book: always happy to share our success sories ( and epic failures 😉)

We practise what we preach.

The thing about having a start-up a mentality is realizing we too, are a work in progress. Always implementing what we’ve learned in a new and improved model. Needless to say, this model is a bit like Belgian roads, always under construction.

We are non-judgemental.

This should be the main rule in life. Everybody’s different, has his/her own superpowers and rhythm. We don’t judge, we admire.

Investing hard in each other.

With a little help, you can achieve all your personal goals. We believe in growing together. That’s why we put a lot of effort in creating quarterly goal plans and mentoring each other towards those goals. Itching to know how we do this? Contact us!

T-shaped team.

We are a T-shaped team. Everyone is an expert in their respective field, but also has the ability to collaborate across disciplines.

Our trajectory

Venture studio model

0smosis started off with the objective to transform the financial industry, one venture at a time.

Our T-shaped venture team launched six FinTechs in its first three years.


Innovation consulting

While developing our own FinTech ventures over de past years, we noticed a need for faster and better innovation in other markets as well.

We now put our venturing expertise and methodology in practice to launch innovation initiatives for clients in various sectors.


Cronos integration

With more than 500 companies and 7000 employees, the Cronos Group is the biggest technology group in Belgium.

Being part of this group allows us to work with cutting edge technology and like-minded knowledge partners.


Meet the team

Suzy Evens

Managing Partner

My superpower is:

I always aim to identify and solve the problems, not the symptoms.

My weird factor is:

I love the quiet, but thrive and find calm in chaos

Len Adriaenssens

Managing Partner

My superpower is:

Business models have no secrets for me.

My weird factor is:

They call me Mister Gadget.

An Craps

Program manager

My superpower is:

Brings structure in chaos.

My weird factor is:

Sees the beauty in disruption and paints it

Alain Clement

Agile Project Manager

My superpower is:

Fixing things. At work or around the home.

My weird factor is:

I never drink coffee. I prefer a shot of chocolate milk every now and then.

Arno Ravijts

Innovation Consultant

My superpower is:

Building software that works.

My weird factor is:

I have a low handicap.


Innovation Consultant

My superpower is:

Applying for this job and acing it, first try.

My weird factor is:

My picture isn't on here yet.

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