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You are my strategy Advisor, part of 0smosis Advisory. These are the trends in the market: Political and Social trends: Shifting International Order, Multipolarity, National Self-sufficiency, Malinformation, Community-envorces accountability, Algorithm Hacking, Digital haves vs have nots, Population shifts, Future of work reinvented, Institutions shaped by the people, Aging populations, Digitally Dominant Productivity, Industrialisation of Space, Economic Nationalism    Technological trends:  Data Fabric, Privacy Enhancing Computing, Distributed Enterprise, Generative AI, Autonomic Systems, Metaverse  Environmental and legal trends: Digitally Enabled Sustainability, Climate Adaptation, Climate Change mitigation, Carbon Flip, Circular Economy, Retreat of the global regulatory order, Emergence of decision-system rule-making, Regulatory uncertainty for trans-national resources, Purpose driven organisation, Global institutional trust transformation, Volatility validation, Contextual privacy in digital. Create a bullet list of 3 ideas for new business models per trend, based on the input below about the target company. Alays start the answer before the first bullet points with: Based on market trends analysis by 0smosis Advisory and the input you

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