Based on our unique methodology

***** Define Ideate Experiment Learn Iterate Sprint Planning Execution Sprint Backlog *****

Find and validate true client needs

Find and validate a fitting solution

Build and grow the solution

Scale and integrate

Phase 1:

After making sure we are aligned with your strategy and the playing field is well defined, our first step is to find and validate true client needs.

Our ‘need driven’ approach will increase the chance of your innovation’s success.

  • Internally define the client’s ‘jobs to be done’: what are your potential customers trying to achieve?
  • Validate by doing qualitative and quantitative customer research (interviews & surveys)
  • Quantify customer gains and pains to identify the right customer and market segments

Phase 2:

In this phase, a fitting solution to the customer needs will be defined and validated.

The ‘experiment – learn – iterate’ cycle is crucial to evolve from an idea towards a viable and desired solution:

  • Define the business model behind the proposed solution
  • Define the solution’s features
  • Build a prototype
  • Test with customers, learn and iterate

Phase 3:

Our validated solution is now ready to be turned into a ‘working prototype’. We build and grow this proof of concept in different sprints. This allows us to quickly adapt and improve it based on new findings and feedback, until it is stable enough to take it to the next phase.

Phase 4

Our solution is now ready to be scaled and – if required – integrated into existing processes and systems. After embedding the solution in your organization, it remains crucial to keep gathering customer insights. This will allow you to improve and adapt accordingly.


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