Business Innovators for Service Companies looking to validate & create new revenue streams.

Go from idea to validated new business stream with our proven 8-Weeks Business Sprints.


Impact Stories from Osmosis

Digitizing digital mortgage experiences

Setting up an innovation office

Making construction communication work

We validate, build and scale your ideas at start-up speed


We care for meaningful business gains and validate what matters most to your stakeholders.

What we do:
customer-employee journey mapping
journey improvement
ideation sprint
redesigning CX


We create digital experiences and digitize end-to-end services to power excellent customer journeys.

What we do:
ideation sprint
validation sprint
viability sprint
build & grow


We connect you with our digital ecosystem and its participants to maximize the impact.

What we do:
ecosystem navigation
open innovation

Benefit from our unique Osmosis methodology

***** Define Ideate Experiment Learn Iterate Sprint Planning Execution Sprint Backlog *****

Find and validate true client needs

Find and validate a fitting solution

Build and grow the solution

Scale and integrate